If you experiment, it can happen...

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In recent years I have tested out grafting cacti on various types of stocks. I've used astrophytums, Eriocactus haselbergii, different species of Echinocereus, Eriocereus, Echinopsis, Ferocactus glaucescens, Myrtillocactus, Opuntia, Stetsonia coryne,  Tephrocactus, maihuenopsis, Pereskia... The results are surprising, but for all one is similar: each cactus can be a good grafting stock.

Astrophytum myriostigma is good grafting stock, but some of stocks showed interesting sprouting from interribs. Here is a specimen that flower from small sprout which grows out from interrib point.
Astrophytum myriostigma sprouting from interrib

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